Christian Dior synthetic silk eyelash extensions

Christian Dior has become the brand name which everyone yearns to possess. The newest product on the block is Christian Dior mascara. It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder but when you are using Christian Dior mascara, the beauty is in your eyes itself. So when you speak of this, you get probably the best mascara that is available. It is cult-followed mascara and renders an ultra long, thick and curled look to your synthetic silk eyelash extensions. It is included a fundamental product that is required in the eye make up. Mascara makes your eyes get a sharper, deeper and brighter look. It enhances your features by giving a charming look to your face. It darkens your eyelashes and gives them proper shape by averting spider leg condition of your eyelashes. Women and professional make up artists who have used the product claim that it is the best the have ever had.

synthetic silk eyelash extensions
synthetic silk eyelash extensions

This  oifme mascara is a must have for an ultra glamorous look. You if you dream of having glamorous catwalk length synthetic silk eyelash extensions, these are the product that you must own. It is used globally by professional make up artists to create the longest and thickest synthetic silk eyelash extensions that you could only dream of. You have an added advantage of water proof mascara also. The product comes under Christian Dior Eye Care range and is named as Dior show Mascara Waterproof#258 and is also available in classic black (#090). The color is azure blue and the size is 11.5ml/0.38oz.

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