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How To Do Makeup For Blue Eyes For Beautiful Results

Knowing how to do makeup for blue eyes can really make a woman’s eye area pop. Learning how to effectively apply mascara is a way to achieve this. Even application that is smudge free is essential. She needs to be sure to effectively separate each and every lash. This can be achieved by applying to the false strip lashes of lashes and slowly bringing out.

An even application of mascara is achieved by slightly wiggling the wand as applying. She can then separate the false strip lashes with a lash comb. Cleaning out the mascara wand on a regular basis is a good idea to help avoid clumping on the lashes because of old, drying mascara on the wand.

false strip lashes
false strip lashes

Paying  oifme attention to the shape of one’s eye area is important, because certain shades can highlight eye color, and also the application can help make one’s eye area smaller or larger. If one’s eyes are egg- or oval-shaped, apply a lighter shadow on the brow bone to accentuate. A darker shade in the crease and an even darker shade at the V in the crease will finish the look. Then one is to blend the colors to put on the finishing touch.

For those who do not have oval-shaped eyes, she can make the area appear so by the false strip lashes use of shadow. Lighter shades make an area pop, whereas darker ones will create a reduced appearance. To bring small eye areas to the fore, use an enlarging paler shade on the brow bone. Darker shades at the edges also produce this appearance. To reduce the appearance of a large eye area, apply a darker shadow over the entire lid.

The history of eye makeup goes back for centuries. Women have always played up this feature of their face, and with good reason. One’s eye area is the first place people notice when meeting someone for the first time, and having beautiful eye makeup is one way to make a great first impression.

false strip lashes
false strip lashes

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