Your E-Book is an Honest-to-Goodness Failure – Now What?

The sun is shining… the birds are singing… flowers are blooming… and a eyelash manufacturer 3d lashes lands peacefully on your shoulder as if you’re an old friend. And yet you don’t enjoy the splendor of it all.

Why? Because the eBook that you’ve poured time, sweat and typing equity into, isn’t selling. Perhaps you’re looking at a lonely sale once a week. Maybe it’s no sales at all – just a bunch of virtual window shoppers.

Whatever your circumstances, it hurts. And you want the pain to stop as easily as popping an aspirin for a headache.

What should you do? Here’s my prescription:

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eyelash manufacturer 3d lashes
  1. Oifme-examine your traffic sources. For every niche there are often 2-3 audience sub-segments. If you’re not targeting the best audience sub-segment, you’re not going to reach your desired sales volume. Case in point, I sell an eBook that’s geared towards writers. The advice can be used by almost any non-fiction writer. When I advertise this particular eBook on freelance writer’s websites, I don’t get any sales. However when I promote it to writers within the internet marketing field, I get a bunch of sales. Likewise when I promote it to writers who are also public speakers, my sales volume is good. Not all audiences within a niche are created equal. And you may have to advertise through several different venues to find that sub-segment that loves you.
  2. Revise your sales copy. Too many times eBook authors put all the work into writing the actual eBook, and then slack off when it comes to writing the sales copy. No wonder… after putting in weeks or months writing the eBook it can be difficult to squeeze out that last bit of energy to craft the sales copy. But you have to remember that potential buyers are going to look at your sales copy first. If you’ve written mediocre copy nobody’s going to get to the actual eBook. It’s like trying to sell a bunch of $10K dresses in a dusty, smelly storefront on the seedy side of town.
  3. Review your pricing strategy. There are certain audiences that barely bat an eyelash at higher priced eBooks. If you’re selling to a corporate audience, price is less of a factor, than if you were selling to stay-at-home moms. There are, of course, eyelash manufacturer 3d lashes to every rule. But you should understand your audience enough to know what the market will and will not bear when it comes to price. Sometimes you can gauge a price range by seeing how other related eBooks are priced. Other times it’s a matter of testing a variety of prices. Often when people test prices they’re surprised to find that they can actually go higher, and maintain greater sales.
  4. eyelash manufacturer 3d lashes
    eyelash manufacturer 3d lashes

Very few people want to continue standing behind an eBook that isn’t generating sales. But remember, with a little tweaking you might be able to turn the situation around. In the end your bank account will be much eyelash manufacturer 3d lashes , and you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that you were able to successfully overcome a minor setback.


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