Bad Skin Scares Men Away – A Cautionary Guide for Black Women

This writing may offend some people, but sometimes the truth must necesssarily be painful to elicit change. You have been eyelash box qingdao lashes.

We have all seen it. A sassy, confident black woman, who looks great from a distance, and knows what she wants out of life. Flawless makeup, an expensive Brazilian hair weave, wonderfully manicured hands and feet, designer clothes and powerful ambition. However, fast forward to bedtime, and lets see what happens. The scarf goes on the head, the make- up comes off… and what usually is left, is an eyebrowless, uneven skintoned, (complete with acne scarring) woman, that looks nothing like the black goddess we mentioned earlier. In fact, the truth is often a scary sight, even for the owner of the face, let alone for a black woman’s partner, husband or lover! It is almost as if, a large number of black women, care more about the illusion, of looking flawless, to actually taking the necessary steps to having a beauty regime that will make them look and be flawless in actuality. Weaves, oversized false eyelash box qingdao lashes, and heavy makeup, and foundation have become more a mask for black women who wish to exude an image of beauty, rather than it accentuating or enhancing established beauty.

eyelash box qingdao lashes
eyelash box qingdao lashes

In the current paradigm of black women’s beauty, there does not seem to be any eyelash box qingdao lashes, on the power of natural beauty or femininity of the black women, as an archetype of women’s beauty.

Oifme , the lack of respect a lot of black women have for men generally, is reflected in the fact, that no care is taken, once the makeup comes off. Relationships, are built within the confines of a home, and having a pleasant attitude, and having a pleasant look without makeup, is of paramount importance. What women, in general and black women in particular forget, is that men are highly visual creatures. They need visual stimulation, and assurance. Just because you look fantastic, when made up, it is the morning after, that counts. It is similar when the nightclub lights come on, and there is the collective gasp of horror from men, who have found out that the woman they had been dancing with, in the dark, looks like Satan on a bad day, in the light.

And so it is, with a relationship. If you as a black woman, look “great” when going out, and your face is caked in foundation, but at home, without make up, your skin is flawed, uneven, pockmarked with blemishes and acne… is it any wonder, that a man, will leave you, after a while, based on the fact that men, are visually driven. Simple.

For your own self-respect, and to give you the edge, in keeping a relationship… you have to invest in your skin, with a focussed black skincare regime. You have to invest in getting your skin looking flawless. The time of just focussing on wearing honey blonde weaves, cheap acrylic nails, and too much foundation or powder, is over. It is Over. Finished. Done.

White and Asian women, invest in looking after their skin, and black women need to do the same. There is a reason they do it.

There has to be a new paradigm for black women, which includes using exfoliators, face masks, deep moisturisers, acne treatments, complexion creams, blemish treatments will clear the skin, and make it look flawless. Black women, have beautiful, almost angelic skin if it is looked after, yet many do not have any interest in truly looking after it. Black women, have enviable, deep, rich skin, and they have a responsibility to look after it. Black women, need to invest in their skin, in order to ensure that they look flawless at all times, and most importantly, where it matters most in a relationship: in the home. Men need to see women, looking beautiful. Men have an innate need to worship female beauty, and black women have a responsibility to ensure that they look beautiful, in order to keep him interested, focussed and faithful. Why would a man, look elsewhere, when his wife, partner and lover is flawless, even without makeup.

Investing in your skin, will help you keep your man, because he will see pure beauty in its natural state, rather than being horrified. Every time you take off your make up, leaving him thinking, how he will get out of the relationship or look for another woman, whilst he eyelash box qingdao lashes you. Respect yourself, and invest in your skin, and see your love life improve in every facet.

eyelash box qingdao lashes
eyelash box qingdao lashes

The author of this paper, Lisa A.Henry, works as a brand manager and has been with the company, since 2009. She and her team, are currently working on new brand concepts for Magus Hermes®. Lisa has worked in the skincare and beauty industry, since 1997, and has specialised in the development of products, and product concepts. Lisa A. Henry, has worked in numerous companies, including eyelash box qingdao lashes, and Origins. Additionally, she has worked as an image consultant, in the music industry, and has worked in artist image development, at Bad Boy entertainment, eyelash box qingdao lashes recordings, and Interscope. Lisa, has a masters degree in Mass communication from the university of Houston. Lisa can be reached via email on,


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